September 30th, 2010

Notes C&S Schema Update

If you've ever tried to program around the calendar in Lotus Notes, you've probably run across the calendar schema.  It lists the fields and forms and has definitions.  Well, I came up with the bright idea to put it up in the wiki to make it easier to find and easier to update.  It has taken some time to get it all up there, but the Lotus Notes C&S schema is finally online here:

There are also some awesome explanations of how stuff works in the C&S workflow - complete with pictures - so even if you're not a developer, go look through it.  

Many, many thanks to Joy Freeman for posting and organizing this.  Bruce Kahn and Nathan Barry are the brains over in dev who put the latest info in there.  I simply add it to the right places.  

Here's how we make this thing work.  As you know, with a wiki, anybody can post.  You can make changes to this stuff - but as mentioned above, I have some braniacs who know what they're doing who provide the content, so it would be best to ask first.  And here's how that happens.  If you see errors or need something added, follow the instructions at the TOC page there, send mail to with C&S Schema in the subject line.  I will get your email in my inbox and will either fix/add or route the request.  I really want to make this accessible and useful.

Oh - and anybody who wants to post sample code out there, that would be good too!
To all the frustrated developers out there:  cheers!