Surf Day

 CF "Breath of Fresh Air" Surf Day

On Sunday, May 21, Andrew and eight other CF patients were part of the "Breath of Fresh Air" surf day sponsored by Ambry Genetics and Newport Surf Camp. Everyone arrived at the 28th Street jetty at 9am on an overcast day with surf that was a little less than what the organizers expected. But, since most of the kids (ages 8-24) hadn't surfed before, they didn't know and didn't care. Each of the CF patients was paired up with a pro surfer or one of the Newport Surf Camp instructors. Jamie O'Brien flew in from Hawaii to take part, and local pros Brad Ettinger and Cordell Miller were there as well. The event's purpose was two-fold - to get CF patients involved in an activity that can help mitigate some of the effects of their disease, and as always bring some attention to CF and the search for a cure. I think those that helped out had as much fun as the CF patients, and it was very cool to see how the pro's brought many of their family along for the event. Andrew had a great time, he surfed with Brad Ettinger, and they were the first in the water and the last out, as you can tell from the photos taken - he still had his wetsuit on well after everyone else had called it a morning. While he didn't get up on the board, it wasn't for a lack of effort. Thanks again to Ambry Genetics, Newport Surf Camp, and West Surfing Products who donated wetsuits to all the participating CF patients. Watching the kids get into the wetsuit was pretty fun. And now it's an incentive to get back out on the water soon! Surfline Photos are available online Daily Pilot story: Check out our photos on Flickr, they aren't quite like the photos from Surfline, but they're ours.

05/24/2007 12:54:08 AM

 Andrew to participate in CF Surf Day

Ambry Genetics is supporting the first ever Surf Day for CF with the Newport Beach Surf Camp on May 19. The idea comes from the discovery a couple of years ago that saline helps CF patients break up

05/08/2007 10:03:44 AM