2007 Great Strides - The Results Show

Well, the Dana Point walk is done and we've had a moment now to take a breath.  2007 was another successful year for Andrew's Angels!  As of the walk day, our team raised nearly $16,000 dollars.  Since the walk, we've received almost another $1,500, so this was a great year for the team.  The Dana Point walk site totalled over $140,000, which is a record for the site.  There were about 500 people that participated and over 10 teams that were part of the walk.

Thanks to everyone who walked with us and donated money to find a cure for CF.


Pictures are available now

PS - Caity's softball team got 2nd place in their division.  In the morning semi-final game, Caity scored the winning run to send her team into the championship!  It was a great day for everyone!