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January 7th, 2011

Initializing Author and Reader Fields in XPages

Ok, sharing time once again....

I've learned from various sources that while you may create Author and/or Reader type fields in a simple form design element which will be used as a datasource for an XPage or Custom Control, when you go to save the datasource the "special" field flags of the Author/Reader field will not be set. You have set the flags specifically (but only once when the fields are initially set/saved.)

What I've created is a simple function in a script library which can be called in the postSaveDocument event of the datasource on the XPage or Custom Control.

Here's the function:

function setupAuthorReaderFields(doc, authorField, readerField)
    var authitem:NotesItem = doc.getFirstItem(authorField);
    // only do below work if the Authors field has not been setup as an "Authors" type field initially
    if (!authitem.isAuthors())
        var readitem:NotesItem = doc.getFirstItem(readerField);

It assumes you have one author type field and one reader type field, and also requires a handle to the datasource (doc).

As you can see, it checks to see if the author field already has the flag set, and if so, doesn't do anything else - so we're not setting the flags and saving the datasource each time, just the first time.

Here's the code I have in the postSaveDocument event on one of my Custom Controls, so you can see how I got the parameter values ready to pass in to the function:
var doc:NotesDocument = DeptDoc.getDocument();
var authorField = "docAuthors";
var readerField = "docReaders";
setupAuthorReaderFields(doc, authorField, readerField);
Obviously you may have a more complicated setup with multiple author or reader fields, or sometime just one or the other, this is just a simple example to start from.

I'd welcome any feedback, corrections or enhancements you may want to chip in to make this an even better solution.

December 3rd, 2010

An XPages Gotcha or ’I just want to cancel, is that so wrong?’

I'm working on an XPages app with one of the XPages doing a conglomeration of a View Table at the top, a Document with backend datasource based on the selected (clicked) view entry in the top view, and then a hideable/showable toggle for a view of related documents to the main document selected.  That clear as mud?? Good!

Well, the problem I was having is that I had a Cancel button as one of the actions available with the document shown in the middle of the page, which when clicked would clear the sessionScope variable (a document UNID) that determined which document showed there, and then gave a different panel indicating that no document had yet been selected to act upon.

All of that was visibly working, which was good, but something wierd would happen if you put the document in to edit mode and then clicked the cancel button, and subsequently picked a new document to operate upon (either in read or edit mode).  Some of the field values would hold on to data from the previous document's (which had been in edit mode) values, unless you clicked a second time on the view entry column that was the clickable link, at which point the field values would reflect the data from the new document UNID.

What I determined was that my Cancel button was defined as a "Cancel" type button and by virtue of that by default had the checkbox set for "Do not validate or update data" in the server options on the event.  Not quite sure which of those things were making my app do what it was doing, but my fix (whether the right one or not), was to change the button type to merely "Button".  Once this change was in place, all of the previously working navigational and scope variable modification functionality continued to work, but more importantly, I wasn't having to do a second click on the view entry link to get the right data showing in the document section of the page.


If anyone is more attuned to what happens behind the scenes on a "Cancel" type button in XPages and can explain to me what I may have been doing wrong, or how some different settings would have been a better fix, please let me know.

Hope this helps someone down the line.  This was certainly a relief to find a fix to after quite a bit of time spent trying to figure out what was causing it.

October 29th, 2010

The streak stands at 1 year!

Just knocked out the set that completes 1 full year of doing 100 push-ups each day!

Just to give it a definitive note, I went for the whole 100 in one shot, and made it fairly easily!  I've accomplished that 3 times now, 2 of them in the last 2 weeks.

Thanks for the encouragement to keep the streak going this long.  I have no intentions of stopping here!

September 29th, 2010

New Fine Art

Some of the latest art created by my kids:



Great job! I'm so proud of the work done by both of you!

August 26th, 2010


I've kept on keeping on, and now the 100 push-ups per day streak stands at 300 days.

I'm also just a couple hundred (less than a week) away from having done 50,000 push-ups since beginning this journey in September 2008 - see spreadsheet.

I looked back at the post where I had done the 100 push-ups in one shot, and how I had it in mind to try to repeat this feat once a week, well that hasn't happened, but many days now I just do 2 sets of 50 push-ups less than 5 minutes apart.  Its great that I've gotten that far along that I can manage this without straining myself too hard.  And it gets done quicker!

Thanks everyone for the support along the way.  Only 65 days now to make it a full year, and then why stop there?  How far do you think I can go?

August 17th, 2010

14th Anniversary

Today marks 14 years wonderful years of marriage.  If the number 7 is considered lucky, then (2 x 7) must be doubly lucky.

I'm so very lucky to have as my partner in life a wonderful woman.

Thanks Kath for sharing our home, our kids, our laughs, our struggles, our pains and our triumphs.

Happy Anniversary!

May 19th, 2010

Goal Reached!

Last night I proved to myself that I indeed can now do 100 consecutive pushups!

The announcement tweet

Now that I know I can do it, I want to make sure I can maintain the ability to do it, so I'm going to set a goal to do this at least once a week from Day 200 to Day 300 (assuming I keep the streak alive).

Thanks again for everyone's support along the way during this endeavor, and special thanks to those who challenged me to go for the full goal!

May 18th, 2010


As I tweeted last night, my latest workout put me at 200 days in a row doing a 100 pushups (or more) workout.

Here's the Google spreadsheet I've been maintaining to keep my workout numbers and see how far they accumulate.  I'm oh so close to the 40,000 pushup plateau!

In response to my tweet I received an @reply last night asking "how many consecutive pushups can you do now?"

Honestly, I still don't know for sure, but I might take this question as a challenge to find out sooner than later.  May even give it a try tonight!

March 13th, 2010

What would you say it is?

A recently created piece of art by Katie:

I'm thinking it's a squirrel or a groundhog...  Nice garden setting.

March 11th, 2010

An Excellent Season

Just wanted to pop in quick to say how proud I am of my son's hockey team's accomplishments this year. 

For this being their first year at the Squirt level, and all of them being birth-year 2000 players except for our goalie, I think they did a remarkable job playing in the A2 Squirt Division and compiling a record of 10 wins, 3 losses and 3 ties.

They were able to beat the previously 'undefeated in the division' team which ended up going 15-1 in the division in a 2-1 decision.  They ended up as the 2nd seed going into the playoffs and won against the 3rd seed (of all '99 birth-year players) to make it to the finals.  They met up with the 15-1 team (also a mix of '99 and '00 birth-years) in the finals and while they didn't win the game and playoff banner (lost 3-1), it wasn't for lack of trying.

They won a tournament (which I wasn't able to be at because of Lotusphere 2010) in Pittsburgh in January, and they did well at 2 others ones.  Now that we are past the regular season and the playoffs, they still have one more post-season tournament this coming weekend fairly close by in Mentor (so we don't need to stay out of town - which is nice!)  Hoping that they do well at this one too, to put an extra exclamation point on this great season.

Nice thing about birth-year teams is that a lot of the time, they play together as a group and with the same coaches for several years in a row, and I think that's what will be happening with us.  The cohesiveness they've built this year should be able to carry on to next season when they will be the 'older' birth-year players at the Squirt level.

Congrats again for a great season Strongsville Mustangs Squirt 00-1 Team!

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