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April 18th, 2009

Another Challenger

Kath has decided to take up a challenge similar to what I've been doing with 100 Pushups.

She's started on the 200 Sit-ups Challenge, and has already completed at least 2 workouts at the Week 2 level where she decided to start based on her initial test.

You can follow along with her progress on her blog.  I'm sure she'd love to hear encouragement as she progresses.  I know I've loved to hear from you all on my blog, twitter and facebook regarding my progress. Thanks again for that!

I wish you luck honey on your challenge!

October 10th, 2008

Hello...Time Warner...

Had to pass this story/rant along to you all for a laugh on Friday morning, from my wife's interaction over the last few days with Time Warner Cable.


p.s. - Does Time Warner Cable have a twitter account?

September 20th, 2008

My wife is a guest author on Momelettes.com!

Hey Moms! 

Or anyone else... 

Check out my wife's article about "Tackling the Kids Clothes Made Simple" which was published by Jess on her Momelettes.com site.

Way to get yourself out there honey!  And thanks Jess for giving Kath and her business some more exposure by picking up her article for your site!


September 15th, 2008

Kath’s 9/11 post

I thought this new iPhone was going to help me keep up 'better' with my feeds and all...oh well, a long week at work and at home conspired to the point that I didn't even get to read my own wife's blog posts until this weekend.

I have to point you to her post from last Friday regarding her thoughts on 7 years after 9/11.  Really took me back... A Day of Remembrance

May 9th, 2007

My wife’s day today

Life as a Mom - by Kathy Randolph

April 16th, 2007

New Blogger

Some of you may remember a while back that my wife Kathy posted from time to time on my blog here about different things, and we usually put her posts under the category 'Kath's Korner', as this post is...well, she's decided to take the plunge and strike out on her own. Now she's got her own blog, kaths-korner.blogspot.com, and posted to it last night for the first time. Who knows what she'll be coming up with to write about on there, but I'm glad she got a place of her own to do what she pleases with. I think it'll be a great new vehicle for her Creative Memories business as well. 

P.S. Kath's Korner has a new home over on the left sidebar in the Links block

January 2nd, 2007

Better late than never!

My first Wings game was the best thing I did on Christmas Break!  I was very excited when I got to the rink.  Mommy took me down to ice level.  Daddy was planning on taking me down to Ice Level, but since he got the flu Mommy had to go to the game with me.  (she really tried to be sorry that Daddy was sick, but it was the Wings so it made it some what hard to be sad that she had to go to the game with me.)  When we got down to the ice we went over and stood behind the Wings bench right next to the tunnel.  We waited there for 20 minutes and then the coolest thing happened.  As the Wings came through the tunnel Kronwall hit my hand with his glove as he was going out to warm up.  I got to watch the whole warm up.  Some of the pictures Mommy took make it look like I was on the bench. 


Then as they left the ice 4 players hit my hand.  Cleary, Fillpula, Markov, and I'm not sure who else, they went through the tunnel kind of fast.  

Then we went up to our seats. We were in the second top row.  It was way far down from the ice, but we were by some Wings fans, and the Blue Jacket fans were pretty nice.  Maybe since Mommy told them it was my first ever NHL game to be at.  I felt like they would win.  I cheered really loud when we scored goals. In the first period we scored 3 goals.  It was really quiet. Mommy said that is what happens when you can't hear the play by play guy.  


In the second period I got a snack.  It was popcorn and a red icee.  They had blue icees  too, but no Blue at a Wings game!!! The Blue Jackets then scored 4 goals.  They went ahead of the Wings and I felt like I was going to leave the game sad.  Mommy said "Don't give up, it's the Wings, and it's still the second period." I should have faith in the team.

Now in the third period we scored 3 more times, and then Markov put the goal in the empty net.   He was one of the players that hit my hand.  I must have given him good luck!  I have a question for you, which hockey player scored a hat trick after hitting my hand???  We didn't know it at the game because they had credited the goal to Lang, but it was really... you have to guess.


I stayed awake the whole way back home. It took about 2 hours to drive home and we made it back by midnight.  We then read a really cool book it is called Brady Brady.  It has the Blue Jacket symbol on the cover but the real reason we bought it was that it has a quote from Steve Yzerman on it saying that "Brady Brady can play for my team anytime".

That's it folks...the Best Christmas Break event as told by Zach, the future Red Wings player...well we can dream can't we!

I have to say that I truly did feel bad that Phil got sick...ok, maybe not as sorry as I've felt other times that he has been sick.  It was so cool that we got to be right behind the bench for practice. 117 pictures worth of cool!!!  I can't wait to scrapbook them in our Red Wings album that I was planning on starting.  

July 31st, 2006


I just don't get it sometimes.  Maybe I don't have the greatest mind for hockey.  I realize I've only been a hockey fan for less then 12 years.  Just the same every time Hasek steps on the ice he pulls a groin muscle and can't play AGAIN.  We had a great run with him a few years back, he retired, unretired, screwed up the whole goalie situation for a year, got injured, and left.  Yes, last year ended in disappointment.  Was it all Legacy's fault.  Absolutely not.  But hey, it's the playoffs so...blame the goalie.  Yes the Wings need to rebuild, our old guys are all leaving or retiring or giving it one final shot.  Our young guys haven't quite stood the playoff time yet, and goal tending is a bit lacking at times.  (although seems to me Legacy broke several records this year, not that regular season counts for anything.)  So rebuild with fresh blood not a man that can't decide whether to stay or go.  I guess only time will tell but from this angle it's going to be a whole season of which goalie can stay healthy the longest.  I'm pulling for Osgood!


Just for kicks, I'm listening to the Dr Seuss DVD the kids picked up at the library, and the 10th load of laundry.  What an interesting day this is.  


July 12th, 2006

The end of an era

Well, it's happened.  We finally get hockey jerseys, for our favorite players and they go and retire and or leave the team. I suppose we knew it was inevitable.  We've held our breath every time Stevie has been on the ice for the past few years. Hoping that he would be able to continue. Knowing that no one will be able to quite replace his leadership, and his quality of playing.  Talk about a truly classy hockey player.  I can't think of any time, aside from the one game against Nashville a few years back, where he has been anything but a excellent role model.  Both on and off the ice. He has remained humble, even during the press conference they asked what he wanted his legacy to be, and he quietly said that was up to others not him.  He just wanted to do his best each time he was on the ice and know that he can't anymore he knew he needed to leave.  Our kids need far more sports role models like that.  I don't know if he ever received the letter and pictures our kids sent him back when he injured his eye, but even then that is what we wanted him to know. Thank you Stevie for being an amazing part of hockeytown!

Ok, so that was expected but SHANNY!  I should have seen it coming.  My son's baseball coach told me 4 weeks ago not to keep my hopes to high that he would remain in Detroit.  Funny thing is, I think the coach might know Shanny personally.  (Maybe I should ask tomorrow).  Regardless, I was hoping.  I realize even he is quoated in the Free Press as saying he ws with the Wings of the past and a new era is starting.  I'm sure the new era will be great and someday we won't look back and wonder why they all had to get older, move on or retire. But for now... the thought of a team without some of the greats we've come to know and expect is a bit sad.  Will we still cheer for our guys, of course.  Let's just pray that the people of Detroit and Red Wings fans everywhere treat Shanny with respect when he comes and plays against them.  Something that Fedorov certainly does not get.  It would be sad to think that they would turn there backs on the player that always was able to get a whole stadium doing an Irish Jig.


Stevie and Shanny will definately be missed, but a new era is about to begin.  Hold on to your seats it could be an exciting time!


May 10th, 2006


While yesterday may have been Stevie Y's birthday, and important day in the hockey world.  Today is an even more important day to our family.  Happy Birthday Phil!  Katelyn and Zachy say Happy Birthday Daddy.  We all love tgthjgjhfjhhj wyifdugtjykjeyyjhjjk,jcbv hdnrjrf7jy7uryehghrfhgurhhiyiruyoi5iyut9yrrku7rl58uirue988i (this says I want you to know for this I love you for this day!) Nothing like an almost 4 year old helping with an entry!


May 3rd, 2006

Talk about depressing

I've been trying to have a posititve attitude about the Wings not going on this year in the playoffs.  I'm trying to think of all the positive things they have done this year and all the good hockey we have seen.  BUT, then I had to go and take a few minutes for myself and read a Detroit Free Press article.  SHANNY's a free agent this next year!  Ok, now I'm depressed again.  It's hard enough to think of hockey with the possiblity of Stevie not being there, but now I have to face the fact that Shanny may be gone too.  Good thing we bought those hockey jersey's this year.  It's certainly not that I will suddenly stop being a Wings fan, that will not happen.  But... it's only been 2 days can the papers at least not mention who will maybe be gone until next week.  I guess that's what I get for taking a few minutes for myself.  Next time I get the crazy idea of doing something I want to do I think I'll go change a diaper or throw another load of laundry in.  No risk of running into extra depression there.

April 23rd, 2006


Thanks for nothing NBC.  You said that you were going to broadcast the Detroit vs Edmonton game today at 1pm.  Because of it being on your schedule Center Ice blocked out the game.  So anywhere there was an NBC station with Hockey slated they would not be playing the game.  BUT...leave it to Cleveland's NBC affiliate to broadcast the losing Indians.  Did it ever occur to you that the Sports Time Ohio was already playing the game and therefore IT DIDN"T NEED TO BE SHOWN ON 2 STATIONS!!!!  So... our nice get together with friends, who unfortunately are from Edmonton, a get together that I drove 4 hours to get to, gets messed up!!  We go to watch hockey, an exciting, real sport, and instead we get NOTHING!!!!  I just absolutely love when stations list one show as being slated to be seen and then change their minds.  I realize Cleveland is not a hockey town, but there are Red Wings fans, and Edmonton too, everywhere so stop treating us like it doesn't matter!


April 5th, 2006

I can’t take it anymore!!!

I don't know if it's the weather or the amount of junk that has piled up in our home over the last few months, but I simply can't take it anymore.  The kids have toys they don't play with, we have clothes and other things we never use so as of today it's officially begun.  The family spring clean up.  I already found a diaper box to start the pile of unneeded to be donated things.  In fact I think my 15 minute a day rule from Emile Barnes has to go back into effect. So today for 15 minutes I'm going to start in the play room and sort.  It's amazing how many McDonald's toys and other things can really be tossed as they've been forgotten about.  Then as a reward for working on the mess I'm going to actually listen to something other then Blue's Clues or Tom and Jerry.  It's time to break out the CD's that also never get used.  Happy Cleaning everyone!


March 30th, 2006

The Springtime scam and other adventures

For whatever reason the kids of Berea City Schools are on spring break this week.  And while the weather has been, for once, very nice it has left me trying to figure out "fun" things for my son to do while the twins are sleeping and my preschooler is off at school.  Today was probably the best yet.  We started the day with the question "what are we going to do FUN today?"  I somehow managed to fit in 10 minutes to play Risk with him (yes, he's in Kindergarten and wants to play Risk- Daddy's boy that's for sure!), before I discovered the laundry room flooding and had to load the twins and the big kids into the van to run Katie off to Preschool.  I promised him when we got home I'd play with him, after I dried the laundry room.  So we get home and he is outside having a good time with his remote control car.  Pretty soon he wants me to roller blade with him.  And while I was wearing my Shanny shirt, I'm not that good on blades but since it's his spring break I figured I should try.  So after blading for about 5 minutes he decides he's done.  He then asks me "Mom are you still paying me 1 cent for each of the nuts I pick up in the backyard?"  I quickly think of the list I have to get done inside, and the fact that last summer when I paid Zach and Katie to pick up the nuts in the back yard I was only ever out $2.00 before they got bored so..."sure Zach, I'll pay you a penny for each piece you get" BIG MISTAKE MOM!!!! 

I proceeded to tell him that he could go pick up the backyard and I was going to run and check email.  Next thing you know he's asking for a bucket.  Still, I'm thinking no big deal he'll get bored before I get done with email.  Off he goes and I run inside.  A little while later I go back outside to find him still picking up the backyard and now the bucket is at least 1/4 full.  He of course asks if we can count the pieces.  We then proceeded to count by 2's.  I have to be honest I know I didn't count every single one of the pieces, I was trying to figure out where I was going to come up with the money to give him.  812 pieces later we were up in the penny jar counting out money.  So...if you have hickory nuts or acorns or stuff to pick up in the backyard...be careful what you agree to pay for it!!!!


Other fun events this week:

Washer drain hose falls off the utility tub not once but twice this week- flooding the laundry room

Katie is given clothes from a younger neighbor down the street as she's outgrown them.  I let her wear a pair of the jeans to the mall and her brother pulls on her leg while she is going down the slide at the mall. Next thing I know she is standing next to me in her shirt and underware and her brother has her pants in his hand.  My response.  Oh, we keep our clothes on at the mall, let's get those jeans back on.  Add that to the list of things I never thought I'd say.


Well, I'm off to finish the 70th birthday surprise card album for my Mother in law.  Enjoy laughing at my crazy day...I'm sure there are funnier things yet to come.


March 2nd, 2006

My CM Site - kropwithkathy

It's been awhile since I've had a chance to post anything here.  Time is kept busy with a house full of kids, and starting a new business.  

I'm so excited about the chance to share Creative Memories with everyone through Get Together workshops and one on one meetings.  It is just so vital to take pictures out of shoe boxes and get them into albums where they can tell their stories.  If you, your wives or anyone you know takes pictures, visit my web site: www.mycmsite.com/kropwithkathy and check out all the new and exciting products we have to offer.

Update 9:40pm - I just added a permanent link to Kath's CM Site in the Links box (currently on the left).

February 9th, 2006

Kath’s Korner returns...

Did anyone see Shanny slug Manny last night? I don't know if it was just his way of saying way to go on th shut out or what, but it was funny. In fact, since we taped the game since we couldn't watch it live, we had to rewind the end of it just to see him give him a fist to the mask again. He cracks me up, not only the playful punch on Manny but for those of you who watched the beginning of the game when they were interviewing the Wings on what they will be doing during the Olympic break, Shanny's response...MULE riding. Ok whatever. That is just too funny. (Although if you really are going mule riding feel free to tell us all that it is not a joke). But regardless of the funny comments and actions of Shanny they sure had an awesome game. 25 goals for Shanny, and Zetterburg, 20 for Datsuk and Samuelson. How cool is that. And to shut out the Predators is always sweet. Let's just do it again tonight.

January 11th, 2006

This Sucks!


To quote the kids most watched movie over the last two weeks (Madagascar) This sucks!  Only this time I'm not referring to the weather in Anartica but rather the fact that the Wings consistently don't show up during the first period.  It was something watching Stevie's goal last night. Reminded me of the old Stevie from the Stanley Cup days. I'm in the process of reading a biography on Stevie and over and over again it talks about how he consistently does what the team needs regardless of what it costs him.  Last night was one more reminder of why he is and will be captain until his jersey is hanging in the rafters.  (which he will decide when that time is not the media who keep discussing it).  So where was the rest of the team last night?  Stevie showed up,and when the coach said do something guys, Stevie stepped up to the task at hand,  but apparently the rest of the team for the most part forgot they were playing a game.  Even Shanny (who is my favorite player) has fallen into the land of the lost.  So my hope and prayer is that they decide to show up for the game tomorrow night and get it done.  After all what does a stay at home mom who has battled illness with kids for 2 1/2 weeks have to look forward to?  


December 22nd, 2005

What is the Great One thinking????

Ok, I'm at home today, which was not suppose to happen but after driving 5 hours to see the kids Great Grandmother, Z got sick in the night and so after basically 0 sleep we drove another 5 hours home. So, today since I'm home, figured I'd have a nice quiet day (well as quiet as it gets with a 3 and 5 year old), clean the house and be joyful as it's almost Christmas. Things were going fine, until Phil called and we got talking about team Canada naming it's players.

I'm thrilled that Drapes is on the team. I think he's having a rough season, good on the penalty kill and still fast but shot wise it hasn't been happening. Although, I'm confident that he'll be back up there someday as I think he's a great player. The only thing I've ever really complained about with him is a few years back they did a Beyond the Glory story on some of the Wings and you know those exersaucers seats that you put babies in? Well it's a silly thing but if you take a kid out of it, push the seat back in it. Anyway, my only complaint, (and it's not really a complaint because I really don't care it wasn't my house), but they panned the room and the exersaucer seat was in the air. Really a stupid thing to notice, but a Mom with little sleep notices those kind of things. Seriously though, and I don't know the man personally but he seems like a good guy. There's a serious point to me saying that, so hold on a minute.

Anyway, then Phil mentions that Shanny did not make the team. HELLO????? What in the world is up with that? I realize that just because he's my favorite player and he's had a wonderful season does not mean that he should be on the team. Perhaps he even said he didn't want to be on the team, but I don't recall hearing him declining as Stevie did. So WHAT ARE YOU THINKING OH GREAT ONE? I could go on and on about my personal reasons why he should be on the team, but in the next breath I was told the news that made me put down the dust cloth and turn on the computer...

BERTUZZI made the team. Ok, now Wayne you've obviously lost your mind if you want a thug, yes a thug representing team Canada. Now I'm not Canadian, I've only been there three times, BUT the man intentionally hurt another player, all he got was a fine and a few games suspension. If he'd done it on the side of the road he'd be in jail. So if you want that kind of player representing your country fine, but why pass up the kind of players that can be aggressive on the ice when needed, without doing it with the intention of hurting others, and can be considered solid citizens when off the ice. People Say who care so much about Hockey thAt they hold their owN summits on the subject of rules and such to get the game back on the ice during a lockout. I was all set to set aside my citizenship for the games and cheer for teAm Canada. NOW forget it, I'll cheer for Drapes, but I really Hope teAm CaNada does not find themselves at the top again.

December 19th, 2005

Kath’s Korner

Seems like it's always easier to find time to complain about a hockey loss then to find time to cheer for a win.  BUT... WHAT A WIN IT WAS!  Way to go WINGS!  It made a nice end to the road trip.  And defeating the defending Stanley Cup Champs is not a bad feeling either.  The 3rd period looked more like the Wings we like to see.  Hopefully, we haven't lost another defensemen to injury as Schneider left the game in the first and didn't return. 

The weekend was just rather crazy, with Phil's car's tie rod breaking with him and the kids in the car, going to the Baron's game and removing patio doors from the house.  At least we're ready for Christmas around here, although it's hard to believe it's this coming weekend.  The snow is falling again though so hopefully it will be a white Christmas.  I'm just praying it doesn't accumulate as our snow blower which was promised to be fixed by the 17th now won't be ready until the 30th.  Guess we better get the shovels ready!



December 16th, 2005

Come on, get it together!

Well, once again it came down to the wire, and once again a stupid play caused us to be short handed.  Hello??Schneider! Did you think before you made that last hit?  I'm thinking putting the Father's who are on the road trip in might have made more sense.  I bet even Cheli's kid could have connected on some of the passes that were missed during the game. 

Don't  get me wrong,  I love the Wings and I'll be right there supporting them on Saturday night.  But enough is enough when it comes to bad passes, and missed shots.  You can't win a game if you don't take shots on goal.  Beside if you can't give advice to those you love who can you give it too? 

December 14th, 2005

Way to go boys! (well, almost that is!)

What a game!  Two nights ago the game was good, unfortunately Fluerry was better. Otherwise the score would have been a lot higher.  Still a win is a win, so can't really complain there.  Then last night happened.  Talk about intense action.  Time was just not on our side. Still Shanny had a 5 point game! So for some fans that counts as a partial win. 


Does anyone know whose Dad's are on the road trip?  So far the FSN announcers have commented on Osgood, Zetterburg, Howard, Draper, Babcock and Cheli's kid being there but who else went? 


Oh, to be like Phil

I'm listening to Berentain Bears and a crying baby and I'm reading the Magic Treehouse series.  Book 24 was great, just ask the kids!


December 13th, 2005

Kath’s Korner

I just came home from dropping my daughter off at preschool where I heard yet again another example of Christmas being taken out of December.  The administrator was letting us know that the local Giant Eagle had a menorah on display as well as a Kawanza display but they claimed they had no room for a Christmas tree.  Personally if you don't have room, take them all down.  Why only pay tribute to some beliefs?  On the whole subject of Christmas, what is the deal with taking the word "Christmas" out of Christmas tree.  Give me a break!!!!  Ok, let's have a holiday tree, but then please remember we better call it the holiday candle holder instead of the Menorah and the holiday man better come visit instead of St. Nicholas.  Do people really have that much time on their hands?  I barely have time to breath on some days with 4 kids in the house, bills to pay, cleaning, laundry, driving and all the other stuff that has to be done.  BUT if I did have time to fight an issue it certainly would NOT be taking the word Christmas out of the holidays.  Yes, I really like Christmas trees, (we only have 6 of them up in the house) we also have nativity scenes up in every room for our family that's the meaning we find at Christmas.  The people fighting the issue need to stop and think about what they are doing.  Are they really prepared to take on the malls, the music companies and the movie industry.  After all they all make huge amounts of money because of the commercial side of Christmas, which for most people is what the Christmas tree reminds them of.  To end my little soap box stand, since I'm being paged by a 10 month old, BUT  if you are one of the people who think Christmas needs to be taken out of December, why not work on taking Cancer out of the health concerns that face so many. It would be a bit more productive!




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