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February 9th, 2010

February Red Wings and Olympic Break Schedule Desktop Wallpaper

Only one week (3 games) left until the February Olympic "break" for our beloved Red Wings. 

Here's this month's Wallpaper:


January 14th, 2010

Better really late than never - Red Wings January Schedule Desktop Wallpaper

Can't believe I've procrastinated this long putting this link up, must have a lot on my mind... So, for the 2nd half of your month of January enjoyment, here's the Red Wings' January Schedule Desktop Wallpaper from LetsGoWings.com

January Preview

December 2nd, 2009

Red Wings December Schedule Desktop Wallpaper

The Red Wings' December Schedule Desktop Wallpaper was posted a couple days back.  Nice to see Pavel as the featured player this month!

November 2nd, 2009

Red Wings November Schedule Desktop Wallpaper

November's Red Wings Schedule Desktop Wallpaper was released yesterday at LetsGoWings.com

November Preview

October 9th, 2009

Getting back to their winning ways

Good to see the Wings finish out a game through the ENTIRE 3rd period instead of collapsing as they did in their two games "across the pond" against the Blues.

The Wings won their game against their 'rivals' the Chicago Blackhawks last night 3-2 on goals by Captain Nicklas Lidstrom, Kris Draper, and Johan Franzen, and top-notch goal-tending by First Star of the Game recipient Chris Osgood.

Here's a couple of other bloggers' and news outlets' takes on the game:

Who'd have though we'd see this as the top of the regular season stats table:


SKATERS: GP   G  A  +/-  Pts
K. Maltby 3 1  2   2  3

Scary times in the 3rd period for Jonathan Ericsson as he took a shot off his ankle.  After the game Coach Babcock gave this quote: "He just got a shot. He seems to be fine" - Hope that is truly the case, don't want to be missing that big guy for too long this early in the season.

Looky who's birthday is today - Henrik Zetterberg turns 29.

Hoping for another win as the Wings face Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals on Saturday at 7pm at the Joe. 


September 17th, 2009

Wings win pre-season opener 3-1 over Flyers

Being pre-season and all (so no televised game), and due to the fact that we were still at church when the game started, and since the Detroit radio station that was supposed to be calling the game was not streaming the audio on it's internet site, I was only able to catch the last 10 minutes or so of the third period of the game on a Philadelphia radio station's stream.  Well... any call for the game is better than no call.

Oh, and the Wings won 3-1!

Here's some links regarding the game:

May 28th, 2009

Red Wings Advance to Stanley Cup Finals!

The Detroit Red Wings have advanced to the Stanley Cup Finals in back-to-back seasons on the 2-1 overtime win over the Chicago Blackhawks in Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals -> 1 of many many stories here.

They'll be playing a familiar, but different Pittsburgh Penguins team in a rematch of last year's Stanley Cup Finals.

Schedule as of now:

  • 5/30 GAME 1 @ Detroit 8:00 NBC, CBC, RDS
  • 5/31 GAME 2 @ Detroit TBD NBC, CBC, RDS 
  • 6/2 GAME 3 @ Pittsburgh 8:00 Versus, CBC, RDS 
  • 6/4 GAME 4 @ Pittsburgh 8:00 Versus, CBC, RDS
  • 6/6 GAME 5 (if necc.) @ Detroit 8:00 NBC, CBC, RDS
  • 6/9 GAME 6 (if necc.) @ Pittsburgh 8:00 NBC, CBC, RDS
  • 6/12 GAME 7 (if necc.) @ Detroit 8:00 NBC, CBC, RDS

I'll be likely adding more blogger's takes on the 5th game, the series, and the upcoming Finals series as I come across them during the day.

GO WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Update already - Struck gold here! A huge multimedia recap of the Game 5 stuff from George Malik of Snapshots

April 24th, 2009


Wooo...Barn burner last night in Columbus, with the Wings scoring with 46 seconds left to win the game 6-5 and sweep the Blue Jackets in their first round series of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Video Recap here:

Regarding the late penalty call, I feel it needed to be called, regardless of the fact that I'm a Wings fan, and it went in my team's favor - had the situation been reversed, it would have been the right call AGAINST the Wings.

Paul over at Kukla's Korner concurs with me:

  • added 10:12pm (to this post), To answer the 20 or so emails I have received regarding the Too Many Men on the Ice penalty Columbus took late in the 3rd period that lead to Franzen power play goal, the penalty had to be called, no matter the score, the time left on the clock, etc.

    If the Columbus player who came onto the ice had not played the puck before the player he was replacing was on the bench, the call would probably have not been made.  It is a call that is made 100% of the time, no judgment involved in that type of call.

Bring on whoever it's going to be for us in the 2nd round... my money right now is on Anaheim, as they are now up 3-1 on the "Top Seeded" Sharks.

April 17th, 2009

Wings win Game 1 of Quarterfinal 4-1

The Jackets stuck with the Wings for a little while, but Detroit turned it on and dominated the 2nd half of last night's game, winning 4-1 on goals by Jiri Hudler, Jonathan Ericsson, Niklas Kronwall (PP), and Johan Franzen.

Here's a highlight video of the game from NHL Network Online:

You can also head here for a recap of all kinds of Game 1 related multimedia.

Let's go Wings again on Saturday night at the Joe - 6pm.

March 18th, 2009

1000, 1000, 552

The Red Wings, before last night's 3-2 win over the Flyers, commemorated Kirk Maltby's 1000th NHL game in a pre-game ceremony. It just so happens that Kris Draper during last night's game reached 1000 games played as a Red Wing, having passed the 1000 NHL game plateau several weeks back.

Oh, and to not leave out another milestone, Martin Brodeur, the goalie for the New Jersey Devils with his win last night over Chicago (thanks Marty), has surpassed Patrick Roy's record of 551 NHL wins, with his 552nd.  After the game he cut away the net he was defending from the frame of the goal and carried it off as he thanked the fans.

March 5th, 2009

Wings at top of the NHL...for now

After last night's win against the Avs, the Wings have finally climbed to the top of the NHL standings, getting past San Jose and Boston, at least momentarily, if not permanently. 

Unfortunately, San Jose has 3 games-in-hand on the Wings.

DIV GP W L OT Pts GF GA Home Away L10 Streak
1 CEN 65 43 14 8 94 242 189 24-4-3 19-10-5 6-3-1 Won 2
2 PAC 62 42 11 9 93 206 152 26-3-3 16-8-6 5-4-1 Lost 2
3 NE 64 42 13 9 93 217 146 21-5-5 21-8-4 3-5-2 Lost 2
4 ATL 64 42 19 3 87 199 155 22-10-1 20-9-2 8-2-0 Won 4
5 SE 65 40 20 5 85 215 193 25-8-1 15-12-4 6-4-0 Lost 2
6 NW 63 38 19 6 82 207 186 22-8-4 16-11-2 7-1-2 Won 1
7 CEN 62 36 17 9 81 208 157 17-5-6 19-12-3 6-3-1 Won 2
8 ATL 62 34 18 10 78 202 180 18-8-4 16-10-6 6-3-1 Won 1
9 NE 64 34 23 7 75 195 194 20-6-4 14-17-3 5-4-1 Lost 1
10 NW 63 33 22 8 74 190 177 17-11-4 16-11-4 8-2-0 Won 3
11 SE 64 33 23 8 74 181 178 17-8-5 16-15-3 6-4-0 Won 2
12 ATL 64 32 24 8 72 159 175 19-10-4 13-14-4 3-4-3 Won 1
13 ATL 65 33 26 6 72 198 197 17-12-2 16-14-4 7-2-1 Won 4
14 NE 64 32 25 7 71 187 176 18-12-2 14-13-5 4-5-1 Won 1
15 SE 65 33 27 5 71 174 188 17-13-1 16-14-4 6-4-0 Won 1
16 CEN 64 32 26 6 70 173 180 20-10-2 12-16-4 6-3-1 Won 1
17 NW 63 31 26 6 68 178 194 15-12-4 16-14-2 5-3-2 Lost 1
18 CEN 64 32 28 4 68 165 177 20-11-2 12-17-2 7-2-1 Won 5
19 PAC 65 31 28 6 68 182 191 15-13-3 16-15-3 5-4-1 Lost 1
20 PAC 63 30 26 7 67 183 192 17-12-4 13-14-3 4-6-0 Won 1
21 NW 62 30 27 5 65 157 148 18-11-5 12-16-0 3-5-2 Lost 4
22 CEN 63 28 27 8 64 173 186 16-12-5 12-15-3 6-2-2 Lost 1
23 NE 64 25 26 13 63 193 230 11-11-9 14-15-4 5-2-3 Lost 1
24 PAC 63 26 28 9 61 164 184 13-13-8 13-15-1 2-6-2 Lost 4
25 PAC 63 27 31 5 59 159 193 17-13-2 10-18-3 3-7-0 Lost 3
26 NW 65 28 36 1 57 173 207 17-15-0 11-21-1 3-7-0 Lost 6
27 NE 62 23 29 10 56 155 182 13-12-6 10-17-4 4-4-2 Lost 3
28 SE 64 21 31 12 54 165 207 11-13-8 10-18-4 3-6-1 Lost 1
29 SE 64 23 35 6 52 191 225 11-18-2 12-17-4 5-4-1 Lost 1
30 ATL 63 20 36 7 47 154 206 14-13-5 6-23-2 4-5-1 Won 2

March 2nd, 2009

Red Wings March Desktop Wallpaper

They were 'Johnny on the spot' with putting this month's wallpaper up on the site

March Preview

February 4th, 2009

Red Wings February Desktop Wallpaper

 A little later than usual, but still much appreciated: Wings February Schedule Wallpaper

A big D'oh from me...originally gave this post the subject of Red Wings 'January' Desktop Wallpaper - then it would have REALLY been late!

January 29th, 2009

Zetterberg to be a Wing basically...forever

Very nice to see that Wings GM Ken Holland has dug into his bag of tricks and pulled out a very long-lived rabbit, by signing one of our star forwards Henrik Zetterberg to a 12 year, $73 million contract which will keep him as a Red Wing through the 2020-2021 season.  Somehow I'm thinking this will work a little better than that 15 year deal given to that goalie for the Islanders a few years ago...

My son Zach's response (paraphrased) after Kath told him about the signing:  "Cool, He'll still be there when I get on the Red Wings!" - Love it!!!  Reach for your dreams Zach!

January 5th, 2009

Red Wings January Desktop Wallpaper

 Ozzie is the headliner for this month's calendar - go get it

December 1st, 2008

Red Wings December Desktop Wallpaper

 Just to make sure you have it right when you need it... the December Desktop Wallpaper is here...

October Preview

November 4th, 2008

Red Wings November Desktop Wallpaper

A couple of days behind...but couldn't forget to pass on the info -


October Preview

Wow, look at that Swedish captain with the Stanley Cup, whoda thunk?

October 9th, 2008

Wings Start 08-09 Regular Season Tonight

DVR is already set for tonight's game - Let's raise the Banner, then defend that CUP boys!

- Red Wings begin Cup defense vs. Maple Leafs - Yahoo Sports NHL

- BTJ 2008-2009 Season Preview, Banner ceremony begins at 7pm - Christy Hammond @ BTJ

I will keep updating this list as I come across more articles throughout the day.


September 23rd, 2008

Red Wings October Desktop Wallpaper

It's the first one of the year, go get it!


Isn't that a great shot of your 07-08 Conn Smythe Winner? LOVE IT!

September 10th, 2008

Cheli’s back for another year

Red Wings re-sign veteran Chris Chelios

At 46, and turning 47 during the season, Hockey's current Mr. Ironman is going to be back with Wings for the 08-09 campaign.

He's fully aware of his smaller role on the team, but he's staying loyal and continuing to do what he loves.  Gotta admire that. 

And what an inspiration!

August 1st, 2008

Bowman to Blackhawks

News came in yesterday morning that Scotty Bowman would announce that he was taking a senior advisor for hockey operations position with the Chicago Blackhawks after 15 years with the Red Wings organization as a coach and in the front office.

Photo: Eleven-time Stanley Cup champion Scotty Bowman answers questions as he is introduced as the new senior advisor for hockey operations for the Chicago Blackhawks on Thursday, July 31, 2008.

You know what?  I'm fine with this. Sure I'd have loved for Scotty to go out (when he ever does...) with the Wings organization, but this opportunity for him to work with his son Stan Bowman, the AGM of the Blackhawks, will be nice for him.

Some items from some stories around this:

From AP: quoting Scotty - 'It's always a tough decision when you leave an organization like Detroit,' said Bowman, who won nine Stanley Cup titles as a coach, including three with the Red Wings. 'It was a wonderful ride for 15 years. I spoke with all the people I worked with, including the ownership, and they understand the situation (is) an opportunity to come to Chicago to be with Stan.' 

Ken Holland quoted in a Ken Campbell Hockey News article - 'When he got to Detroit, we had a lot of talented players,' said Red Wings GM Ken Holland. 'He took us from being a talented team to being a championship team. He got (Slava) Fetisov and (Igor) Larionov to come here and he put The Russian Five (Sergei Fedorov, Larionov, Slava Kozlov, Fetisov and Vladimir Konstantinov) together. He's the one who transformed Steve Yzerman from a great offensive player to a great two-way player.'

From IWOCPO at Abel to Yzerman - "Good luck Scotty. Thanks for ending 42 years of frustration.  And thanks for doing it again.  And again.  Oh, and again."

Good luck Scotty with the Hawks, we'll see you for sure on January 1st, 2009!

July 30th, 2008

Filppula locked up for 5 years

Mr. Holland got it done...

Valtteri Filppula has been signed to a 5 year deal worth reportedly $15 million.  This will keep him in Detroit through the 2012-2013 season. Terms not disclosed yet. 

I'm going to assume that this is not a straight 3million/year thing, but some kind of graduated scale that will put less of a hit on the cap earlier on and more of a hit later on (banking on the cap increasing each year).

Glad to know we've got Fils taken care of!

July 17th, 2008

Schedule’s out

The Red Wings schedule for the '08-'09 season has been released, along with the rest of the NHL.

This year everyone plays everyone else at least once. Cool!


July 17th, 2008

WCII 1/1/09 @ Wrigley

Finally official -

CHICAGO - Wrigley Field is going to be the frozen confines on New Year's Day 2009 when the defending Stanley Cup champion Detroit Red Wings meet the Chicago Blackhawks outdoors in the home park of the Chicago Cubs.

GO WINGS, on New Years Day (of course, any other time too...but especially then)!

July 16th, 2008

Going out a winner

In this June 4, 2008 file photo, Detroit Red Wings' Dallas Drake hoists the Stanley Cup after Detroit beat the Pittsburgh Penguins 3-2 in Game 6 of the NHL Stanley Cup hockey finals in Pittsburgh. Drake announced his retirement Tuesday July 15, 2008.

Dallas Drake, the 39 year old stalwart NHL Journeyman has announced his retirement.  As a fan of the Wings who was even following them when Drake played with them the first time, I was so happy that he was able to go out on top with a hoist of the cup as his final act on the ice as a Red Wing.

Here's to you Mr. Drake!

July 2nd, 2008


Red Wings Sign Hossa to One-Year Contract

Certainly didn't expect it, and it's going to take a while to sink in...but WOW...

July 2nd, 2008

Ty Conklin? Yeah, I’m good with that...

Wings sign goalie Conklin

I think it'll be good to have a battle for the number 2 spot behind Ozzie at camp this year, we need a strong backup regardless as we don't want to ride Ozzie like San Jose rides Nabby.

June 18th, 2008

The Professor’s finally going in...

Igor Larionov has been elected as a 2008 inductee to the Hockey Hall of Fame - Story

Congratulations Professor!

June 4th, 2008

Wings Win the Stanley Cup!

Wings Win!

Wings Win!

Wings Win!

What a finish!

More Later, Much More!

June 3rd, 2008


They were 34.7 seconds from clinching the cup

I may gather other bloggers reactions, and I may post some of my own, but today I have a lot of work, and not much sleep, so we'll see what ends up here. 'Nuff said.

Wait, I'll say this... Hey Jiri - watch your stick, and refs - go back to school on those goaltender interference calls, especially in overtime in the Stanley Cup Finals, ok?

GO WINGS in game 6 in Pittsburgh!

Some Game 5 reactions from all over -
Bill @ A2Y - Dealing with 5
Jim Kelly @ Sportsnet.ca - Oh, so close
Dave @ Gorilla Crouch - Close but no Cup yet

My wife's reaction at her blog, Kath's Korner - Well this sucks!

May 22nd, 2008

Stanley Cup Finals Wallpaper

The final version of this year's Stanley Cup Playoffs wallpaper sees my Detroit Red Wings meeting up in the Finals for the right to hoist the Cup against the Pittsburgh Penguins


May 20th, 2008

The Wings made the Stanley Cup Finals!

Last night's 4-1 win in game six of the Western Conference Finals against Dallas sent the Detroit Red Wings into the Stanley Cup Finals, to face the Pittsburgh Penguins.

The series will start Saturday night at 8pm on Versus.

I will add links to lots of other sources talking about this latest round and I'm sure discussing the final round...later, as I come across them and have time to read them.  Today's been a doozie, let me tell you... BUT THE WINGS ARE IN!

May 15th, 2008

Make goaltender contact reviewable on clearly scored (but waived off) goal

Mentioned something very similar to this to my wife during that mess of a game last night...

Bob McKenzie at TSN - Contact with a goaltender is not under the criteria for a review; however if you are going to use video review to decide something as subjective as a goal being scored with a high stick, than this should be a no-brainer. If a player is standing in front of the net it is much more clear-cut from the overhead view to see if there was contact or not with the goaltender. The NHL either needs to include interference in the criteria of goal review or get rid of the review of goals scored with a high stick.


I know there was more last night that led to the Stars winning, but this goal being allowed (as it should have been), would have, in my opinion, changed the complexion of the rest of the game.

Thanks for the pointer Paul

May 7th, 2008

WCF Wallpaper

The Wings are into the 3rd round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, for all the marbles in the Western Conference.

Here's the latest playoff bracket wallpaper:

GO WINGS once again!

May 2nd, 2008

What a ROUTE!

The Red Wings (sorry Avs fans) totally DESTROYED the Colorado Avalanche last night to the tune of 8-2 to advance to the Western Conference Finals.

Johan Franzen scored his second hat trick of the series, Zetterberg scored two, Holmstrom had one, and Mikael Samuelsson even got a rare two goals.

Here's the highlight reel.

Who are they going to play in the WCF?  Only time will tell...

Personally, I'd like the Sharks/Stars series to go a full 7 games and have them beat up on each other so we play a tired, wiped-out and banged-up team, but on the other hand, I know the Wings would like to sustain their momentum, and a week layoff until their next game may not necessarily be the best thing.

April 24th, 2008

Wallpaper for SCP Rd 2

The Stanley Cup Playoffs Round 2 - Conference Semifinals wallpaper is now available


Looking for a well fought series with Detroit playing it's one-time nemesis Colorado.

Will the rivalry be re-kindled again? We shall see!

April 18th, 2008

It’s Ozzie’s net now...

Hasek out, Osgood in: Red Wings change goaltenders

Just win it guys, just win it! 

I have confidence in Ozzie that I don't have in Hasek!

April 15th, 2008

Not the outcome we were looking for

Especially after being up 3-2 just after the start of the 3rd period...I just hate back to back goals in the span of 9 seconds!

5-3 Win by Predators to get the series to 2-1 in favor of Detroit

April 11th, 2008

Wings take Game 1, 3-1 over Preds

Zetterberg's two goals help Wings land first blow vs. Preds (ESPN - NHL)

I Plan to point to more stories from other sources I read about the game as I come across them throughout the day.

April 4th, 2008

Ho Hum...another President’s Trophy

The Wings, in the closing seconds of last night's game against the Blue Jackets wrapped up the President's Trophy given for top regular season points leader in the NHL.

Henrik Zetterberg scored his 43rd goal of the season by putting the puck in the net, from behind the net, off the back of Leclaire's skate with just 11 seconds left to put the Wings ahead 3-2.

Great job boys, now just get the job done through the playoffs all the way to the CUP!

March 31st, 2008

Gordie is 80!

Happy Birthday Mr. Hockey!

Nice little ceremony before yesterday's game against Nashville...oh, and nice OT win and shutout!

March 12th, 2008

Wings Matters

Dan Cleary has signed a 5 year $14m deal keeping him in Detroit through 2013.  Ken Holland speaks about the deal.  Cleary's take on the contract.  Thanks for the coverage Bruce at Red Wings Corner

Wings to close out Yankee Stadium in an outdoor game against the Rangers?   Thoughts?  Do you think this will really happen?

Wings won their 4th game in a row against the Blackhawks last night.  That brings the season series to 2-4 in favor of Chicago.  Nice to be getting back in the winning swing with most of the regulars back, especially Captain Lidstrom.  What's with Malts and Franzen becoming big scorers lately?

March 4th, 2008

A win (finally), and two pending returns

It was nice to see the Wings have a decent game finally against Buffalo on Sunday night.  With the 6pm start Zach was able to be up for the whole game, which he was happy about.  Good to see Kronner get back in the thick of things on D, Stuart - the new guy - making some big hits, and some seconday (non-top-line) scoring from Drake, Maltby, Franzen and Filpula.

Looks like Rafalski will help us with the "getting well" thing on Wednesday against the Blues

Looks like McCarty could be up with the Wings as early as the 11th against Chicago.  Looking forward to seeing where Mac fits in on this team, and what he can bring to the table.  Should be a fun ride to the end of the season.

Get back soon Lidstrom, Chelios and Cleary!

February 21st, 2008

Regarding the Wings

My Wings content on here seems to be sorely lacking as of late, so how about a bunch of stuff in one fell swoop...

Lidstrom's condition - appears he will be out at least 3 weeks, meaning he'll get back perhaps around the week of March 9-15 at the earliest, so 3 weeks before end of regular season.  Listened to an interview of him on WingsCast this morning going out the door, and he seems to be in good spirits and not too worried about the rehab and return as scheduled.  Let's hope that he does take the amount of time his knee really does need to get back in playing shape, up to HIS level of normal play.

Cheli scored a goal! - 2nd of year, and first in the 4 months, and I missed it putting kids to bed, haven't gone back on DVR to see it yet...gotta do that soon.

McCarty coming back? - Babcock is behind him, apparently Holland too, but a signing doesn't mean playing for the actual Wings in the NHL automatically.  He sure had a great game last Friday for Grand Rapids against Lake Erie

Hasek & Rafalski put on IR - making room for the call-ups of the young-uns..

What's gonna happen at the trade deadline?  I'm thinking we'll go for a top 4 defensemen AND a forward, but what do I know? We'll see what shakes out.  Who do you think is going out the door?  I'd of course like to keep everyone...

January 30th, 2008

McCarty on the way up...

Bruce over at Red Wings Corner offers up news of Darren McCarty being offered a tryout with the AHL's Griffins after a 3 week stint with the Flint Generals.

More power to ya Mac...love to see you back in the Winged Wheel...but you gotta earn it!  Keep up the fight!

January 3rd, 2008

Quote of the Day

"He absolutely put Marty Turco's jock strap in the rafters"

- Mickey Redmond following Johan Franzen's goal in the second period of Detroit's 4-1 win over Dallas

November 23rd, 2007

Fischer doing well after two years

In my second ever post on this blog I talked about Jiri Fischer collapsing during a game against the Predators.

Here's a story on MLive pointed out to us by Matt Saler at On The Wings in which we find out what's been going on with Jiri and what part he plays in the Wings organization now.

November 5th, 2007

New Podcast - WingsCast

Christy posted on Saturday about the new Wingscast.  First up is Steve Yzerman...wow what a stretch!

My prayers and the prayers of many who have landed on this here blog with the search terms 'Red Wings Podcast' are now answered. 


Hope they keep it up, if it's good...we'll see.

Haven't actually listened to it yet, but subscribed in iTunes, and will likely take a listen tomorrow.


October 26th, 2007

Good News - Bad News

Good news is Drapes has been re-signed for another 3 years

Bad news is Dom's hip is sore and he's out indefinitely.  Hopefully a short indefinitely...

Glad I saw this before my fantasy teams were locked in for tonight! :)

October 25th, 2007

The New Hat Trick

You know how a "Gordie Howe hat trick" was a goal, an assist and a fight?

Saw this post over on Red Wings Corner by Bruce MacLeod, regarding last night's 3-2 win over Vancouver, and it included this gem:

Holmstrom scored two goals and was called for goaltender interference. Is that the new Holmstrom hat trick?

I would have to say that it is...gotta love the beautiful officiating! NOT!!

October 4th, 2007

And it begins...

Finally it has arrived, the Wings first regular season game! 

Due to our schedule we knew we weren't going to be able to watch the game live on Vs. so we taped it and started watching it after I deemed it was safe to turn on the tv about 10:00 or so, (allowing for an overtime and shootout, just in case) from a game starting at 7:00ish.  Darn good thing I did.  Because...

Our Wings defeated the defending Stanley Cup Champion Ducks 3-2 in a three round shootout on the lone goal by Jiri Hudler.

It was a back and forth game, and at times it looked like the Wings might not get back into it, but they came back alive in the third period and ended up with 42 shots on Bryzgalov.  Hasek had an easy night (shots wise) and likely was lulled to inaction a bit with only 15 shots sent at him.  He did a great job though in the shootout rising to the task and stopping all 3 Anaheim shooters, including former Wing (if even just since the trade deadline) Bertuzzi.

Here are some recaps by others around the Wings Blogosphere:

Gorilla Crouch / Winging It In Motown / Abel To Yzerman

One thing though that was easily apparent on the telecast I was watching, was the lack of filled seats...which Bill talks about in his earlier of 2 posts EARLY this morning.  That's disappointing...

Ok, never expect me to go on this long about other games the rest of the year...I just have a few extra minutes before I head out as I've got a business trip to Pittsburgh today and gave my self extra time to get ready...and I did!

Go figure.

September 26th, 2007

Myriad of Wings Season Previews

Back on Monday several of the bloggers that I read put out their season previews/reviews for the Wings, and just in case I'm your only portal into the hockey (and specifically Wings hockey) world, then here's what they are saying:

Behind the Jersey - Detroit Red Wings Season Preview

Gorilla Crouch - NHL Central Division Preview: Detroit Red Wings

Kukla's Korner (by George James Malik) - Detroit Red Wings 2007-2008 Season Preview

Gloveside.net - 2007-2008 Detroit Red Wing Preview

Abel to Yzerman - 2007 Wing Preview: Stand by for 11


July 12th, 2007

’07-’08 Red Wings Schedule

You can share my google calendar related to the Detroit Red Wings' game schedule here.  (Let me know if anyone has a problem using it - its an ICS file url)

I've already put in the preseason games, and as I have time I'm getting the regular season ones in there too...

Enjoy! and GO WINGS!

May 8th, 2007

Wings Advance to WCF

While it was not exactly a relaxing evening, it had a nice ending...

Sammy came up big with two great first period goals, and then Hasek and Lidstrom combined for the shutout to close out the series in 6 games.

Next we get Anaheim...oh joy -  I've added the WCF games to my google calendar


May 3rd, 2007

Homer news, NOT injured

I might be the last one to have found this out, or maybe I'm just not reading the right blogs, but after some digging I was able to find out that Holmstrom was not injured but instead had his skate blade broken, which was why he was favoring his foot/leg getting off the ice.  They were not able to get his skate fixed in time for his to get back out on the ice for the rest of the OT.  I ended up finding this in a Detroit News article.

May 3rd, 2007



That's what we were, twice in the wee hours of this very morning.

At one point in the third period I had said, "I have no confidence that they can get the puck past him."

We were very discouraged and very tired...so with about 3 minutes left Kath said she was going to go to bed. She never quite made it...

In that final minute of the 3rd, not more than 5 seconds before the tying goal, I had just said, "I wish they'd get Lang the #*@/ off the ice." And wouldn't you know, he gets the pass from Fillpula and breaks in, rips off the shot and beats Nabby. We just sit back and say... "Did Langer really just tie the game? Langer???"

Then we get to overtime and a powerplay and you think the puck's getting sent out of the zone and all of a sudden Schneider gloves it down and rips it off of Rissmiller and the left post into the net.  Did we just win the game?  Are we really going back to Detroit with the series tied at 2-2?  Is it really 1:30am?

Do we really need at least another 2 games of stress???

Yes we do!

April 24th, 2007

Fellowship of the -Wings-

Had to send you off to this too.  I love it!

April 24th, 2007

Round 2 Schedule

Though't I'd link over to Christy's post from today, where the 2nd round schedule for the Wings v. Sharks series is layed out.

I also added it to my ongoing Wings Schedule calendar instance in Google Calendar.  If anyone is interested you should be able to share it since I opened up the rights to it (at least I think I did) - here.

April 24th, 2007

Homer and Ledba

Updates on our roughed-up warriors...

Ansar Khan is reporting that both Holmstom and Ledba are day-to-day:

The Wings are listing Holmstrom as day-to-day, but his left eye was swollen shut Monday, so it’s hard to imagine he’d be ready to start the second round series, which will begin on Thursday.

Holmstrom will see an eye specialist in Detroit on Tuesday. He saw an eye doctor in Calgary Monday morning and Holland said the team was encouraged that the doctor allowed Holmstrom to fly home with the club.

“He was real bad when he left the rink (Sunday night), but this morning he made significant improvement,’’ Holland said. “We’ll see over the next 48 to 72 hours how it’ll heal.’’

Defenseman Brett Lebda is also day-to-day, Holland said, with a mild concussion and sprained ankle. He has headaches and didn’t feel good after a short spin on the ice Sunday. He’ll try again Tuesday or Wednesday.

Helene St. James has this regarding Homer:

"He's day-to-day," general manager Ken Holland said Monday. "It's kind of swollen. The stick hit the eyelid. He spent the night in the hospital and we waited for him this morning. An ophthalmologist gave him the green light to fly because obviously there would be pressure, but he was OK to fly, so that's a good sign."

Holmstrom wasn't available to reporters, walking quickly from the bus to the team's car park. He was not wearing an eye patch.

"He had a little bit of bleeding around his eye," Holland said. "I know that our doctor felt seeing him last night and seeing him this morning, there was good improvement, and hopefully over the next few days he continues to improve."

April 23rd, 2007


The Wings got the well deserved 2OT win last night 2-1 on Franzen's beautiful goal - in all it's glory (and from the FSN Detriot feed too!)

There were no Flames in the middle of this scrum

This one was worth staying up into the wee hours for!

Here's some reactions and stories from the bloggers and the news outlets:

P.S. - Does anyone have any information about the status/health of Holmer after that high stick?

April 17th, 2007

Stanley Cup (WINGS) Hockey

Please don't be under the impression that we're not interested in this post season's playoff hockey.  I can understand how one could draw that conclusion due to the lack of posts on the subject. On the contrary, we're very interested in Detroit's first round games with Calgary, to the point that I think we're going to take a nap after we put the kids to bed, so that we can watch more than one period of Game 3 out west tonight which starts at the abysmal time of 10pm.

Anyway, there are so many others out there writing away about the Wings and the playoffs that at this point I feel like I'd be rehashing things that have already been said many times. For example, when I started my day yesterday, I had over 50 unread entries in my RSS reader from Wings bloggers alone. I was able to whittle that down to less than 10 as of last night, but I bet already this morning its back well over 20.

You can be assured that if I have something to say that's totally my opinion and something unique to contribute, I will, but in the meantime why don't you check out all the rest of these fine bloggers (or at least subscribe to their feeds).

April 13th, 2007

Monkey Extracted

Did I get your attention?

Pavel Datsyuk finally got the monkey off his back, by scoring his first playoff goal in 27 games during the second period of last night's drubbing of the Calgary Flames 4-1 in game 1 of their Western Conference Quarterfinals.

Nice start boys, way to lay one on 'em.  Let's do it again on Sunday afternoon!

March 15th, 2007

Caught and Passed

With wins the last two nights vs. the Predators, the Wings have moved into first place in the Central Division, Western Conference, and the entire NHL, with 99 points, with I think, 11 games left in the season.

Last night's win was excellent, with Hudler scoring 2 goals, Lidstrom an awesome 60 footer, and Malts adding a center-ice empty netter. 


Let's keep it up guys, I still think it would be better to go into the playoffs as the 1 seed vs. 8, instead of the 4 seed vs. 5.

February 20th, 2007

Zetterberg - First Star, week #2

Our boy Zetts is making quite a name for himself, scoring the NHL's first star both of the last two weeks.

Feb 12 | Feb 19

His hatrick on the 17th was a thing of beauty! 

Coincidentally, Zach had a 5 point game on Saturday morning scoring 2 goals and adding 3 assists in his house hockey game vs. Rocky River (he just missed a hatrick by the toe of the goalie's skate, at the goaline!)

Thanks for the heads up Matt at OnTheWings (I just don't get around the sites like I used to, I rely on you guys!)

January 3rd, 2007

A Class Act

From the moment the ceremony began you could feel that it would be classy.  From the C created out of carpet around a stage that looked like a puck, the lighting, the music all set the tone for a classy display of greatness.  Darren Pang being the MC of the event was so fitting as he said so many times through the years as a commentater he and Stevie were friends.  The way they started by re-dedicating the previously retired jerseys was just one more sign of the way Yzerman played, the way he would want it.  Putting the other guys first as he did, and tried to do throughout the speach he gave.  Giving credit to those who have come before, those who helped rebuild the team, those that played through the cup victories, those that never were there to raise the cup.
He humbly thanked those that helped him to be where he was at that moment, and ended up having the fans yell "NO" at him as he tried to say that his role as leader had been overplayed.  Why was he a great player?  Sure he scored, he helped fans come back to the Joe, he put up points often while his skates were sliding out from under him.  He played through the pain...constantly.  Using a stick as a crutch he would pull himself off of the ice and get back up and keep going. 

Those are not the reasons he was a great player. 

Watching him humbly try to acknowledge those around him, watching the example he set during the years he played and during the ceremony last night as one who should be thankful for what has been given.  As one who looked not only to his own interests but looked to the interests of others.  That is what helped make him be a great player. 
Will the sports world remember him for what he did?  Some will, those who are Wings fans, those who really love and pay attention to the game of Hockey, but others will let his legacy fall to the side.  ESPN showed their general lack of respect so well this morning as they simply mentioned his jersey had been retired in passing, before a set of commercials. 

A true role model and yet we pass by with barely a look. 

He's a humble man that is for sure and maybe he wouldn't want the extra attention, but having a son who is now playing hockey, that is who I would like him to look up to in the sport.  A man that is willing to work hard, play hard, and respect his fellow players.  There are not many good role models in sports today but Stevie you are, as your ceremony so clearly showed, a class act through and through.  Thank you!

January 2nd, 2007

Better late than never!

My first Wings game was the best thing I did on Christmas Break!  I was very excited when I got to the rink.  Mommy took me down to ice level.  Daddy was planning on taking me down to Ice Level, but since he got the flu Mommy had to go to the game with me.  (she really tried to be sorry that Daddy was sick, but it was the Wings so it made it some what hard to be sad that she had to go to the game with me.)  When we got down to the ice we went over and stood behind the Wings bench right next to the tunnel.  We waited there for 20 minutes and then the coolest thing happened.  As the Wings came through the tunnel Kronwall hit my hand with his glove as he was going out to warm up.  I got to watch the whole warm up.  Some of the pictures Mommy took make it look like I was on the bench. 


Then as they left the ice 4 players hit my hand.  Cleary, Fillpula, Markov, and I'm not sure who else, they went through the tunnel kind of fast.  

Then we went up to our seats. We were in the second top row.  It was way far down from the ice, but we were by some Wings fans, and the Blue Jacket fans were pretty nice.  Maybe since Mommy told them it was my first ever NHL game to be at.  I felt like they would win.  I cheered really loud when we scored goals. In the first period we scored 3 goals.  It was really quiet. Mommy said that is what happens when you can't hear the play by play guy.  


In the second period I got a snack.  It was popcorn and a red icee.  They had blue icees  too, but no Blue at a Wings game!!! The Blue Jackets then scored 4 goals.  They went ahead of the Wings and I felt like I was going to leave the game sad.  Mommy said "Don't give up, it's the Wings, and it's still the second period." I should have faith in the team.

Now in the third period we scored 3 more times, and then Markov put the goal in the empty net.   He was one of the players that hit my hand.  I must have given him good luck!  I have a question for you, which hockey player scored a hat trick after hitting my hand???  We didn't know it at the game because they had credited the goal to Lang, but it was really... you have to guess.


I stayed awake the whole way back home. It took about 2 hours to drive home and we made it back by midnight.  We then read a really cool book it is called Brady Brady.  It has the Blue Jacket symbol on the cover but the real reason we bought it was that it has a quote from Steve Yzerman on it saying that "Brady Brady can play for my team anytime".

That's it folks...the Best Christmas Break event as told by Zach, the future Red Wings player...well we can dream can't we!

I have to say that I truly did feel bad that Phil got sick...ok, maybe not as sorry as I've felt other times that he has been sick.  It was so cool that we got to be right behind the bench for practice. 117 pictures worth of cool!!!  I can't wait to scrapbook them in our Red Wings album that I was planning on starting.  

December 31st, 2006

Not all things go as we plan...

Well, Wednesday's post was to signify the visit to Columbus and Nationwide Arena that Zach and I were going to make on Thursday, to see the Wings play the BlueJackets...

Things didn't quite go as planned, and there is a story waiting to be told, but it's all in Kath's head.  I've asked her to fill you all in, so expect either an update to this post, or a new post of her own in the coming days (hopefully tomorrow!)

Update 1/3/07 - The story has been told (from a unique prespective)


December 27th, 2006


December 15th, 2006

Broken Collarbone

Don't worry...not my collarbone, Tomas Kopecky's

We were watching the game last night when we saw Tomas go in to the boards with his neck, it seemed, at a very bad angle to his body.  Then he just was laying there, mostly motionless for a while.  And we said, "not again!"  The wings don't need more horrific injuries or illnesses.

I'm glad to hear that it is just a broken collarbone and not something more serious.  Let it fix itself Tomas, and get back in there around March or so...alright?

Coming through the headphones... DragonHearth Podcast 11.21.06

December 8th, 2006

What a comeback!

Yeah, I know...they never should have gotten down 3 goals to St. Louis in the first place, and as others have mentioned, Dom wasn't looking so hot there...

But then they got it going...Lang's beautiful helpers on goals 1 and 2 to Lidstrom and Williams, amazing, especially the moves he made on that second one!

Then Mr. 'tied-for-the-team-lead-in-goals-but-I'm-not-normally-a-goal-scorer' Cleary to tie it up.

But what a great finish!  I saw Pavel pick up that rebound in our defensive end and get up a head of steam, and I said, that's gotta be it.  And it WAS!

Hopefully this link to the highlight on NHL.com will work for ya, if they put an ad up in front of it (like they did for me), just wait for that few wasted seconds of your life and then revel in the beauty of that OT game winner!

Other recaps -

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November 9th, 2006

Seven straight wins, Williams OK

What a nice turn-around it's been for the Wings since the last time they played Edmonton.  Instead of a sub-500 record we're now standing at 10-4-1.

We really stifled their defense last night in our 3-0 win.  Dom got his 70th career shutout, Zetterberg continues his recovery from his scoring drought, Cleary gets his 3rd goal in 2 games, and Hudler gets on the board as well.

It was a relief to read the news this morning that Jason Williams is alright after the hit he took from Raffi Torres in the 2nd period.  Kath and I were certainly worried as the last time we had some severe medical stuff going on at the Joe was almost exactly a year ago when Jiri Fischer's heart stopped on the bench.  Also glad that there really wasn't any retaliation that we could see, after all, it was a clean hit!

That, and Zach got his official jersey for his house league (finally) last weekend, and he's #29 (Williams' number)


Update 11/10 - as reported in the Free Press, Williams did sustain a 'slight concussion' and was put on IR, Brad Norton was called back up to fill in.

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October 31st, 2006

Three Straight Wins

Christy @ Behind the Jersey summed it all up pretty well.

I'm so relieved that our Wings got back to their winning ways...let's hope it can continue this week with games vs. the Flames, the Blackhawks and the Blue Jackets.  Bet you we won't be seeing Dom in all three...I'm gonna go out on a limb and say we'll only see Dom once this week.  And that's fine with me...rest him when we can, and he JUST MIGHT last all season...


October 23rd, 2006

Ugly road trip

That'll teach you Moreau...but too little, too late...

Of course our guys could stand to learn a thing or two, like how to keep the puck in the offensive zone, and oh, say, score a goal on the powerplay now and then...  The offense is attrocious guys!!!! 

Please do something with those 3 days off you have and lets go into the game vs. the Sharks on Wednesday with a different mindset.

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October 13th, 2006

Lots o’Hockey

I'd love to watch the Wings-Sabres game tonight, but we'll be at the Reverse Raffle fundraiser dinner for Zach's hockey organization tonight.  Maybe by chance they'll have the feed on there...seeing as we all will be at least somewhat interested in hockey, eh?  Doubt it...

Boy, the Wings sure gave a shellacking to the 'Yotes on Wednesday.  We only caught the 3rd period after we got home from church, but seeing as the Wings were already up 7-1 at that point, we didn't even bother fast forwarding to each goal on the tape.   Great job Schneids with the hat trick.  And we finally got the powerplay working, going 2 for 5.

It's too bad that Greg Johnson was forced to retire because of his heart condition, but we don't need another incident like what happened with Jiri Fischer last year.

Would you believe my pool team over at The Common Fan, is ranked #10 out of 179?  Who'd have thunk it?  We'll see how long that holds up...but I'm pretty proud of my guys' results so far!

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October 10th, 2006

Wings 2, Pens 0

Good to get one in the win column.  Knew it wouldn't take long, but it is good to get that one under our belt.

Would have been nice to see the game, but for some reason my Center Ice blacked out the Pittsburgh and Detroit feeds.  Would love to know why that was, as I've never had that problem before, and we're smack dab in the middle of the 2, being in Cleveland.   Anyone else from here have problems like that with Center Ice?  We ended up listening in on the Pittsburgh internet radio feed via NHL.com

The boys really need to get the powerplay going.  I think they're 0-11 with the man advantage now?  Come on guys!

Gotta wait until Wednesday for the next game vs. Phoenix...ugh.



October 6th, 2006

Wings fall in season opener

An inauspicious start for our boys in red last night

Dom was mediocre, even though he really didn't have much work, especially in the 3rd period, he only made 14 saves all night (3 more wouldn't have killed him...)  We kept trying over and over to go up the middle, which Vancouver repeatedly plugged up.  Our shots weren't getting through, our passes weren't crisp and on the tape.  We looked completely flat.

Our vaunted (at least in previous years) powerplay was 0-9.

from AP - "We just didn't feel like we worked as a unit," Red Wings coach Mike Babcock said. "I thought there was a separation of our forwards and our defensemen and I didn't think we came up and down the ice very well."

You said it coach!

Unfortunately the feed on my Center Ice last night was the CBC feed.  I would have enjoyed the FSN Detroit commentators much more, but 2 highlights that CBS showed (really the only ones of the night for us) were the brief puck drop ceremony done by former captain and now Wings VP Steve Yzerman with newly named Wings captain Niklas Lidstrom, then an interview in the booth with Stevie (wouldn't have seen that one on FSN).

Let's hope we can recover and put on a better showing in Pittsburgh on Saturday.  Of course they pasted the Flyers 4-0 last night.

In other news, our beloved former 40 goal scorer Brendan Shanahan scored his 600th goal last night in the Rangers game vs. Washington.

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August 30th, 2006

Yzerman’s Number 19 to be retired 1/2/07

As mentioned various places, my favorite being here, Stevie Y's number will be retired before the game at the Joe on January 2, 2007 vs. the Ducks.

There's a fairly active discussion thread going on over at Kukla's Korner Forum that I started this afternoon, regarding everyone's plans to try to get to that game!

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August 23rd, 2006

And the Captain shall be....Lidstrom!

Saw this morning that Nicklas Lidstrom will be the next Red Wings captain, following in the footsteps of our beloved Stevie Y.  I fully agree with this decision, as Nick has been a stalwart for us for almost 15 years (joining in '91-'92).  Zetts can wait to be passed the reigns when Lidstrom decides to hang them up.

There's already a thread going over at Kukla's Forum, and it starts with a link to this article from the Freep.

I'll post more about all of this later if/when I hear or see more.  Work is calling now....

Finally something new to talk about!!!

Update 12:50pm - From ESPN.com NHL

Update 3:45pm - Hmm...Maybe not so fast...

Update 8/24 8:10am - More from A2Y: C is for Controversy

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August 14th, 2006

This is good news...

Zetterberg does not need wrist surgery

I was a tad worried that we might be starting the season without one of our top stars, and after loosing Shanny, and his 40 goal output from last season, I don't think we could have afforded that.

Just my $.02

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July 6th, 2006

Stevie’s Retirement - July 3, 2006

While we were up at my parents this weekend, I happened to be flipping channels and came across Steve Yzerman sitting in front of a microphone talking on FSN Detroit.  I said to Kath - "I think he's having a press conference announcing his retirement".  We of course stayed glued to the TV for the rest of it, I think we only missed the very beginning. 

I'm having a hard time figuring out what to say about it, and lots of others in the hockey/wings blogging community and other media are doing all kinds of articles on him from all different angles.

Kath might be doing her own post about it, I've left it up to her. 

My thought is to set up a permanent tribute page for Stevie pulling in what I can from whatever I can find, and putting the best there.  So be looking for that in the future.  I'll come back here and update this entry with the link but it'll likely reside in a prominent place in the site navigation.

May 9th, 2006

Happy Birthday Stevie Y!

Steve Yzerman, our beloved captain turns 41 today!

Here's a birthday thread started on LetsGoWings.com regarding our guy!

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May 3rd, 2006

Thanks Wings!

As you would expect, we are disappointed, upset, and suprised with the first round exit of our President's Trophy (regular season league leader) winning Wings team.  They ran into a very tough 8th seed in the Edmonton Oiler, who gave them all they could handle and more.  But instead of dwelling to long on the bad, which will just depress us more, let's give thanks to the Boys for what they did give us.

  • Another season with The Captain
  • An amazing 40 goal season for Shanny
  • The aforementioned President's Trophy
  • 58 Wins and 124 points
  • Winning a long shootout with Kath and I in attendance at the Joe
  • A plethora of Datsukian and Zetterbergian dekes
  • Eight 20+ goal scorers
  • Meeting the Oilers in the first round so we could hang out with some great new friends from Edmonton to enjoy some playoff hockey

Here's some links to the final game recaps and other articles of interest surrounding the Wings:

Christy Hammond's Game 6 Recap and The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

A2Y's preliminary reactions

Chalk up a W for Stevie Y

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April 26th, 2006

Not the ending I was looking for

Well, I really wish I hadn't stayed up as late as I did last night to see us get beat in another 2OT game.  Kath went to bed sometime during the third period while we were still down 3-1, so she didn't see the comeback being mounted. 

I was pumping my fist as quitely as possible (so's not to disturb the people who are sleeping) when Williams appeared to have won the game on his tough angle shot under the side of the net in the first overtime.  Then of course my hopes were dashed by the replay...

As the usual suspects chime in this morning, I'll link to their takes on the whole thing.  Be watching for updates...


Here's a liveblogging recap from Christy Hammond at Behind the Jersey

Quick bullets from A2Y, longer recap promised later...and here it is with appologies of it's lateness from IwoCPO

Anyone have any further news on Stevie?  Reports are very sketchy so far...hope nothing bad or long-term, we need our captain out there!

Oh, and thanks for stopping by this site yesterday Al...hope you don't get to this entry before Kath get's the tape of last night's game to ya...I think you'll enjoy it more than I did...

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April 24th, 2006

Games 1 and 2

As you can tell from the last entry, Kath was not enthused with the NBC affliate in Cleveland carrying an early season game vs. Kansas City on it's channel instead of our beloved Wings game, in round 1 of the STANLEY CUP PLAYOFFS!  Fortunately, or unfortunately...we lost the game and it not one I would have wanted to have kept on tape...so...I think we might be over it now.

As Kath alluded to, we have friends (Al and Anita - hi guys!) who recently moved to our area from Edmonton, and seeing as we both would be watching the game, we thought we'd watch it together, and that is what we did on Friday night - at our house.   The game was at least being shown on OLN (at least most of the time...except for that part near the END OF REGULATION).   I think IwoCPO at A2Y says it best...

Six minutes left in the third and the Wings are energized. They tested Roloson more in the waning moments of regulation than they had all night. Nada. Shanahan goes off for roughing with 1:51 left.  OLN, because they run a Wayne's World-like operation, loses the feed with a minute left. We head to Bill Clement and his crew of fired GM's, former Dives and ESPN castoffs who pretend it's no big deal.

Kirk Maltby, one of our grinders, who has only scored a few times (maybe 5) during the year, had tied the game 2-2 to get us through regulation.

We did pull out the game in the 2nd overtime...on another goal by...wait for it...Maltby....what????? Twice in one game?

Another funny thing, one of our former grinders Darren McCarty won the 1st game of the series, with an overtime goal, for his current team, the Calgary Flames that night too.

Head on over to Abel to Yzerman to read his recaps from both games 1 and 2.  He's got links up the wazoo from other sources and recaps...and why take up the space here eh???  Al - I think I'm picking up your Edmonton accent :-)

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April 20th, 2006

Yzerman Story in USAToday

It was nice to see a story about our Captain in today's USA Today

Yzerman showing the game of a younger man

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April 18th, 2006

Jeff Foxworthy Eat Your Heart Out

Oh My Word!  Is anyone else thinking that Bubba and Bubba's buddy need to go fishing or something?  I'm feeling literally sick watching/listening to them have no clue about the rules of hockey.  Let alone the fact that they can't pronounce half the names on our team.  It's not like we've played them 8 times or anything.  I'm watching the game right now and it's simply unbearable.  Thinking of watching it with out the sound,  it might make more sense. I know there are a lot of very smart hockey fans in Nashville, but PLEASE find yourselves some new commentators so Bubba and Bubba's buddy can catch some fish, as Jeff Foxworthy might say, they should probably take their piggly wiggly bags along to store them.


April 18th, 2006

Comeback...3 goals in last 7 minutes

Glad we only got back from our friends' house and back in front of the tube to catch the 3rd period of last night's game, as that (aside from Cross's little tussle) was the best part of the game for our boys.

Nice to see we can do what we did even to a higher caliber playoff-bound team like Dallas.  Just don't want to be playing every playoff game from behind.

With the captain not playing in this game, Lidstrom and Shanny excepted the President's Trophy - without touching it

In other news: Lilja and the Wings have agreed to a 2 year contact at $1 million per year, and A2Y has a transcript of an interview with Helene St. James - Detroit Free Press writer

Let's wrap up the regular season nicely with a win against the Preds! (Yzerman and Schneids will be back, and Lebda will be brought up from GR)

Update on 4/19 - here's an mpg of the Cross vs. Ott fight via On the Wings

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April 14th, 2006

Shanny with the Hat trick!

As soon as Shanny put in his 3rd goal last night, I said to Kath:  "That's a blog entry right there!"  So, she as you can see in the previous entry this morning...took care of that!

Shanny just tore it up last night!  Here's an interview with him after the game on DSR.

It was good to see several of the guys get back out on the ice after a couple of hits and errant pucks...don't want to loose anybody at this point.  I missed Woolley getting injured in the 2nd...anyone got anymore info on that?

Nice to see that we can throughly demolish a team despite many of our key guys being out with "injuries". 

Recaps from Detroit Free Press, ESPN NHL

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April 14th, 2006

Are you doing the Irish Jig still???

Last nights game, minus several key players was great!  Granted I was listening and not watching most of it as I was in the midst of working with several women at my Creative Memories Workshop.  Up from the living room I kept hearing the horn blow though.  And of course who was banking them in at weird angles, open nets, and perfect shots.  None other then Shanny!!!!!  But since I have an amazing husband I was able to watch the game after the workshop as he taped it for me. He was even ready with a hat to throw at the tv for Shanny's 17th Hat Trick!

Going out wings style for sure this year.  It almost playoff time.  Let's all be chanting as they were last night in Chicago...LET'S GO RED WINGS!!!!  That's right boys the chants for you start in any areana we are in.




April 11th, 2006

Got our money’s worth! Five round shootout win!

Well, at least, we got my Dad's money's worth! :)


As Kath posted before (by the way...you wouldn't have beat me to posting about it, if the problems I had getting the pictures added to my entry hadn't screwed the whole post up), we'd rather not have had to go all the way to a shootout to beat the Jackets, but it was really cool to see a shootout, especially a five round one.  We went crazy when we thought Stevie's shot had gone in, and we were really confused when Zetterberg, Shanny and Lidstrom weren't the ones being asked to take the shots after the first 3.  Little did we know about Hank's upper body injury at the time.  And then...Holmstrom nets the winning shot....what....Holmer?!?!

Courtesy of Brian at On The Wings, here's an mpg of the shootout.


Here's the set of pics from the game, as I was wildly snapping away during the shoot-around before it started, and then some more as the game progressed.

Recaps and Stories related to the game from other sources:

On The Wings

Abel to Yzerman


FoxSports.com NHL

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April 11th, 2006

So cool!!!

I can't believe that I'm beating Phil to posting on this...(sorry hon!)  Going to the Joe was so incredible!! The game was more intense then it should have been since we played Columbus, but at least they made it exciting!  The atmosphere was so different from at Nationwide areana, so much more respect for both teams, well other then Federov BOOOO!  And I have to say a highlight was doing the Irish Jig after Shanny's goal!!  Chanting Manny with that many people in the end was also great.  I think I could go on and on about the greatness of the situation, but I don't want to completely steal Phil's thoughts!

I'd go back again in a heartbeat though, maybe we should move to Detroit!!!


April 7th, 2006

Wings v. Jackets live and in person!

Game day has arrived!

We're so excited!  I'm taking off this afternoon so we can drive up to Mom and Dad's so they can watch the kids and we can go to the game at the Joe!

Expect a huge influx of new pictures into the flickr account first part of next week.  We'll be snapping 'em like crazy!!!

Catch you all next week!

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Our Countdown to the Joe - 0 days...WOOHOO!

April 4th, 2006

Interview with Fisher

The only problem with having the ability to see all our Red Wings games because of our subscription to NHL Center Ice, is the enticements during games shown on FSN Detroit regarding the Detroit Sports Report and Babcock's press conference after the game and such.  We only get a great big "Good Night" center ice screen about a second after the game ends...

Last night (2-1 win in a shootout, by the way) was no different and they mentioned an interview with Jiri Fisher, which Kath and I of course would have wanted to see.

Fortunately, Kukla's pointed us to this entry on Trevor Thompson's 'Wingman' Fox Sports Blog where he gives us a taste of a part of a recent conversation he had with Jiri.

I think I'll be adding this one to at least my Bloglines reader...see what Trevor has to say through the rest of the season...

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Our Countdown to the Joe - 3 days!

March 16th, 2006

Wings rolling again!

Been doing mostly reading and not too much posting about the exploits of our favorite boys over the past week.

We'd been out of town for last Saturday's game vs. Chicago where Yzerman had his two (almost three) goals, and were disappointed that we hadn't taped it.

Awesome that we chased Chicago's Khabibulin twice in back-to-back games!

The Wings are in the midst of a 4 game win streak, and I didn't know this until I counted it up, but they have 12 wins in their last 14 dating back to January 30th!  Rock on!

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March 10th, 2006

Much better boys...keep it up!

Everything came back together again last night for the Wings...

They dominated both ends and didn't take dumb penalties...for the most part.  Some of the calls were questionable, as other recappers (is that a word?) linked below note...especially the call the went against Lidstrom vs. Avery, that ticked me off!

Keep it up this weekend for the two against Chicago...we won't be able to see Saturday's game as we'll be down in southern Ohio near the old homestead for a CM party Kath is doing with one of our best friends.

Recaps from Thursday night's game -

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Our Countdown to the Joe - 28 days! Really can't wait!

March 8th, 2006


Alright boys, lets get it together.

Last night was painful, and that being said based only on seeing the 3rd period.  Kath filled me in on the first two.

Last night's recaps: On the Wings, A2Y

Let's not be starting a trend, at least let's not have a performance like this again for a while, and for sure not on 4/7!!

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Our Countdown to the Joe - 30 days!

March 7th, 2006

We’re going to the Joe!

So my Dad calls me yesterday and says (I'm paraphrasing here...)

"You know, since you are coming up to celebrate Mom's birthday on Palm Sunday weekend (Mom turns 70 on April 11th), do you think you could come up earlier on Friday, maybe get here around 6?" 

I say, "why, are you planning something?". 

He says, "no, not that, what have you guys been talking about doing sometime when you are up here?"

I say, "WINGS GAME?"

He's says, "Yeah, they've got a game vs. Columbus at 7:30 at the Joe, you don't want to go do you?"


So, needless to say, I made sure with Kath that we could shuffle some things around so we can make it.  But finally, we can get to a Wings game at the Joe.  We did get to a game they played in Columbus during the 03-04 season, but somehow they managed to lose that 3-0.

So - 31 days and counting till our Joe visit! (4/7) YEAH!

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February 13th, 2006

A2Y’s Wings recap

As you know by now, I'm a fervent follower of Abel to Yzerman, but I have to highlight the recap IwoCPO did on last night's game. He really says it all in the title of the post - 'Wings breeze to break'

Here's a quote from the middle of the article where he takes a break from the recap:


This team is scary right now. Yes Colorado was without Tanguay and Turgeon. They were playing their third game in four days. The Olympics were beckoning and they have 11 players going. But even down by one (twice) there just wasn’t a doubt the Wings were going to keep scoring. The Wings are owning the middle of the ice, no matter the opponent. The defensemen are joining every rush. Lebda was so deep on his assist to Williams he looked like a winger. And Schneider was just a few feet behind. It’s almost as if the Wings are playing a wide-open variation of the left-wing lock.


That there is just great writing in my opinion...although I may be biased based on the subject matter :p

Anyway, the season sweep has been accomplished on our old nemesis...and we are well placed in the standings for the division, conference and league going into the Olympic break...lets just be praying for no injuries for our guys (or really any for that matter). And of course a gold for the US would be great..although that might be a long-shot with the strength of all the others now.

Here's some more links to other articles on last night's 6-3 victory:
Red Wings sweep season series with Avs - via ESPN
Holmstrom goal lifts Wings over Avs - via FOXSports.com

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February 6th, 2006

Wings Things I’m happy about

Cheli will once again captain the USA Men's Olympic team (his 3rd such honor)

Holmer was added to the Swedish Olympic team after Naslund went down via A2Y

Manny's birthday shutout on Saturday vs. the Avs, not to mention his league leading 2.02 GAA

The standings and our record as seen below:
4 game win streak, 7-1-2 in our last 10 and most importantly, 5 points up on the Predators

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January 9th, 2006

Great win...horrible loss

To continue the bombardment of hockey entries...I have to comment and link to some other summaries regarding the Wings' last two games.

The boys did us proud on Friday, taking the Predators down 3-1.

They played like a team, took advantage of the power play, and Legace made 28 of 29 saves.

Iwocpo's take - "Not so fast Bubba; Wings take Game 1"

Now...what the heck happened vs Dallas on Sunday???

We had a friend from Zach's soccer team's family who are also originally from the Detroit area, over to watch the game, and we were all fired up with a 3-0 tally in the 2nd, and then it all fell apart.  It just started to tumble out of control...bad penalties, poor skating, poor passes, Ozzy in disarray - and pulled too late in our opinion.  I was calling for it at 4-3.  Good thing there was good food and good conversation, because the game was a debacle.

A couple of items from Iwocpo on Abel to Yzerman - Stars Fight Back, Decision time nearing for Babcock

Hope we can remember what had been working for us on Friday, and not our mess on Sunday when we meet the Canes tomorrow night in Carolina.  And I just looked, OLN again...oh joy :(

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January 6th, 2006

A shutout’s a shutout

My 3 fantasy hockey teams thank your profusely Mr. Legace for your wonderful shutout performance on their behalf last night vs. the Blues.  I knew there was a good reason that I kept you on the IR list on each of my teams awaiting your return!

It was good that Manny was able to ease back into game shape with last night's piddly amount of shots on goal (15).  Also great to see Stevie back on the ice for the first time in almost a month, and a couple of very good chances at goals!  I guess there wasn't too much back pain for Shanny, at least not enough to keep him off the ice.

Tonight begins the real rivalry and the fight for the division as we and the Predators play 8 games out of our last 42 of the season.  With the race so tight at this point, it will be very important for us to take as many head-to-head games as possible against them.  Go Wings!!!

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January 5th, 2006

Great Wings/Hockey Blog

Can't remember where I caught a link to his site last week, but iwocpo over at Abel to Yzerman has a really great blog, posted to and updated very frequently, including a Fan Post Of The Day, and Gameday Notes for upcoming games.

Here's some of his recent posts from yesterday and today, in which I first heard about Yzerman having possibly been ready to play vs. the Wild on Tuesday, and how Shanny's back has been bothering him enough to possibly sit out tonights game - Kath will be interested in hearing about that one.

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December 28th, 2005

Wings 4 - Stars 1

I think this picture sums up what Dallas felt like in last night's game


Ozzie was great, making 27 saves. He has been awesome against Dallas his entire career (24-9-1), and this game was no different. He stopped a barrage of shots early in the first which really setup the rest of the game for our boys.

The Wings had a great PK going all night especially during the 4 minute penalty Samuelsson took for high-sticking Morrow. The Stars never got anything going.

Malts got hit by a stick which may have rearranged a few teeth but came back later in the period and got the empty net goal after blocking a shot within the final minute. Going to the bench after he scored making it 4-1, he sorta grimaced/smirked, seeming to be either wincing from the pain in his leg of blocking the shot, or wishing he'd had a more spectacular goal for his 4th of the year.

We've got Columbus on New Year's eve at 7pm, and it appears that Manny is expected to be ready to play after rehabing from his sprained left knee. That would seem to be a good game to put him in to test it out.

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p.s. - having some problems with my link editor using the WebAdmin tool in DominoBlog this morning, I'll get the underlined words linked up here in the near future when I figure out the problem.

Update 8:20pm - now that I've gotten home the link editor seems to be working...don't know if it fixed itself or if I have an issue with my browsers from work...hmm, we'll see...anyway...links are in place.

December 27th, 2005

Wings 3 - Blackhawks 2 (OT)

All I can say is GREAT FINISH!

Posts about the 12/23 game, as well as the previous shootout vs. Columbus:

On the Wings
Rinkside Ramblings: Last Second Gifts
USA Today - Wings find late leverage, broadside Blackhawks in OT

Let's keep the momentum into tonight's game against Dallas!

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December 22nd, 2005

Our guys at the Olympics

This article in the Detroit Free Press gives us the news that Kris Draper was named to Team Canada's Olympic hockey team.

I was really hoping Shanny would make it too, as he's had an awesome season with over 20 goals so far.

I think the Canadians are looking at Drape's 03-04 season with 20+ goals and his speed and quickness as well as his monster penalty kill. Maybe he'll get revved up and get his goal scoring game back during the olympics and then tear it up when he gets back all the way up through the playoffs...wouldn't that be nice!

Here's other Wings who have so far been named to their countries' teams that I'm aware of:

Team USA - Chris Chelios, Mathieu Schneider

I'll be updating this post with other Wings named to their countries' respective teams when I get the information. Stay tuned...


Via Foxsports.com/NHL

For Sweden -
Niklas Kronwall, Nicklas Lidstrom, Mikael Samuelsson, Henrik Zetterberg

For Czech Republic -
Robert Lang

Via TSN.ca/NHL 

For Russia -
Pavel Datsyuk

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December 20th, 2005

Finally a shootout - and we win it!

Of all nights for FSN Ohio to have a Cavaliers game televised instead of the Blue Jacket's game vs. the Red Wings.

That means of course the although the rest of the country got to see it on NHL Center Ice, we here in Ohio had it blacked out. 

Fortunately, there's the old staple of listening to the guys on 1100AM in Detroit via NHL Internet Radio, so that's how this one was "watched".

I agree with the commentators that the intensity really dropped off after the first period, but it was looking up for us again (not that we were ever behind mind you) in the third.  Then Zherdev scores with around 4 minutes left.  At that point I was getting a bit worried.

So we got into overtime and I thought for sure we would avoid the shootout again when the Jacket's Hrdina picked up the penalty near the end of the extra frame.  But even with a flurry of shots, nothing went in.

So now, the first ever regular season shootout for the Wings (the last team in the league to have one).  And of course the Jackets score on their first shot...hmm, no pressure Ozzie...yeah right!  Datsuk scores, Nash misses, Williams scores...rock on!  Now the best the Jackets can do is tie the shootout and force it to be longer - nope...Ozzie stones Federov and the Wings get the 2 points!

Boy I wished I'd been able to see that one on TV, and since Kath was out of town, I was planning to tape it for her.  Oh well, there will be more!

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December 16th, 2005

Come on, get it together!

Well, once again it came down to the wire, and once again a stupid play caused us to be short handed.  Hello??Schneider! Did you think before you made that last hit?  I'm thinking putting the Father's who are on the road trip in might have made more sense.  I bet even Cheli's kid could have connected on some of the passes that were missed during the game. 

Don't  get me wrong,  I love the Wings and I'll be right there supporting them on Saturday night.  But enough is enough when it comes to bad passes, and missed shots.  You can't win a game if you don't take shots on goal.  Beside if you can't give advice to those you love who can you give it too? 

December 14th, 2005

Way to go boys! (well, almost that is!)

What a game!  Two nights ago the game was good, unfortunately Fluerry was better. Otherwise the score would have been a lot higher.  Still a win is a win, so can't really complain there.  Then last night happened.  Talk about intense action.  Time was just not on our side. Still Shanny had a 5 point game! So for some fans that counts as a partial win. 


Does anyone know whose Dad's are on the road trip?  So far the FSN announcers have commented on Osgood, Zetterburg, Howard, Draper, Babcock and Cheli's kid being there but who else went? 


Oh, to be like Phil

I'm listening to Berentain Bears and a crying baby and I'm reading the Magic Treehouse series.  Book 24 was great, just ask the kids!


December 9th, 2005

That’s what we like to see boys, nice win!

Great job guys!

Win number 20 is in the books for the good guys after a 4-3 win at the Capitals

The guys looked a little lethargic again in the first period, but picked it up for the 2nd and 3rd stanza.  Three powerplay goals (2 Zetts, 1 Lidstrom) and a beautiful finesse goal from Datsuk.

Osgood had the net again and did a great job, even with the buzzer beater goal going in with less than a second - he was screened and of course didn't plan on something coming that late in the game.  I'd say he's now gotten himself back out of Babcock's doghouse and should be holding down the position for a while again until Legace's knee gets back in shape.

Let's keep the win streak going on Monday vs. Sid the Kid and his Penguins!

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December 9th, 2005

Upbeat Wings Stuff

Wanted to get up a post I've been working on before tonight's game vs. Washington

Thank God the Wings finally got things together again for Tuesday night's game, I wasn't able to watch, as I was on the road without my Center Ice - but Kath called as she was watching right after Stevie Y scored his highlight goal in the 3rd.  The funny things was, I was listening to it on internet radio and as she was calling, I was just hearing the several-seconds-delayed call of the goal.

Shanny returned to form again, with two nice goals to keep us in the game early on, and also jumped into 15th place all time in goals scored, passing Mike Bossy.  Its awesome that his goal scoring ability from earlier in his career is surfacing again as we really need it.

Steve doesn't feel he should play for team Canada at the olympics this year and I respect that decision, as well as thank him for not possibly jeopardizing the rest of the hockey season with the Wings.  Maybe Shanny can be our olympic hero eh?

Lastly, just about the whole team recently visited the Children's Hospital of Michigan in Detroit and signed items and hung out with the patients there.  What a great set of guys...

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December 2nd, 2005

What happened boys???

I intend to be mostly positive with my assessment of Wings games on this site, but last night was kind of a mess, and a big disappointment as my wife and I both mentioned to each other.

First - not quite understanding why Babcock played Howard against the FLAMES regardless of their recent record against us, and the fact that they were on a 2 game skid. I don't think that Osgood has been playing that bad in place of injured Legace, and he obviously has oodles more experience than Jimmy...so what gives there. Now in the LA game on Monday, the guys were actually playing some darn good 'D' in front of our new guy, and giving him a chance to make some good saves, but not being hung out to dry...that's what happened too many times last night. Mishandled pucks in our defensive zone, miseed passes, bobbles, dumb penalties...all contributed to Jimmy having a really long night.

Then, shots on goal - 36 to 20 in favor of the flames. Our boys weren't putting anything much on net, except for hard but easily seen shots from just inside the blue line. So Jimmy made 33 stops while Kiprusoff only had to make 18. That's a huge margin, and you gotta give credit to Jimmy for making all the saves he did.

Then, the second penalty shot faced by the rookie in as many games. Talk about jangled nerves. Most guys may not face two penalty shots all year. (Although in the "new NHL" that might be a-changin') Fortunately it looked like Jimmy took away so much of the goal from Donovan that he didn't get a shot off at all.

Lets hope for a better outing against the Islanders on Sunday afternoon - ok guys?

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December 1st, 2005

Couple of days late, but...

It was funny on Monday night in the game against LA being Jimmy Howard's first game how Holmstrom (you know...our guy) almost scored on him on a pass back toward the goal line. They showed the replay like a million times and you can see it somehow go UNDER the side of the goal and in.

Being Jimmy's first NHL start for the Wings - I'm sure the guys were razzing Holmer about the little mishap.

Here's a Detroit Free Press article about Jimmy's start, also mentions Lang's groin pull - "Howard Stars In Debut"

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November 24th, 2005

Wings 7 - Avs 3

Finally a great game, well played by the Wings...wasn't sure how long it was going to be until we'd see that again...but our boys pulled out of the funk.

I really like the game summaries that Matt and his crew write up over at On the Wings - here's the one for Wednesday night's game

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